When Do Most Bloggers Quit?

Blogging is rewarding. It has brought many wonderful opportunities to me through the years.  The one thing I’ve learned is that blogging is not easy.

Photo by qthomasbower
Photo by qthomasbower

Many bloggers begin with grand plans of earning tens of thousands, if not millions of readers. There are many bloggers who have accomplished this, and are making a living doing it.  Unfortunately, most don’t make it.  Why?

They quit.

In most cases, the starry-eyed blogger become comes blurry-eyed over the first two or three months.  Blogging may be rewarding, but it isn’t always fun. Blogging becomes work over time, and if you want your blog to be successful you need to make it part of your job.  You must be committed.

After about three months, you will know if you have the heart to do what it takes to be a successful blogger.  Unfortunately, you many not know if you will be a successful blogger for another six months to a year.  After you have given your blog your heart and soul for the first year, you should then evaluate your future.

After a year of blogger ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are people finding value from my blog?
  • Am I seeing consistent monthly increases in traffic?
  • Do people share my blog posts?
  • Is my content fulfilling a need?
  • Am I fulfilled by the topics I write about on this blog?
  • Do the data support the possibility that I will meet my goals?

As the Green Sprout forum hits its second month, we are not ready to ask such questions. I do wish to thank everyone who has supported, subscribed to and shared the message and content from our humble blog.  We do work hard to bring small businesses great information. We have published over 300 posts during this time and we are growing quickly.  I’m excited about our future.



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