Finding a Social Media Consultant

Finding a good social media consultant is tough to do. There are many people who enjoy social media and decide to make it a career. Unfortunately, for some, their qualifications go no further than opening a Facebook page. Still, social media is important for growing your business, development as and expert and SEO.

This doesn’t mean they can’t be good and develop their skills. Like any profession, it takes time to become an expert. Experience is important when make decisions that represent a companies hard-earned brand and reputation.

Some businesses make the mistake of placing an intern in charge of their social media. Again, a well-trained intern could do a good job. It is important to remember that your social media channels are your face and connection to the world. You wouldn’t place an unqualified intern in the position of making a major sales pitch or speak at a conference on behalf of the company? Yet, that is what is what unsuspecting companies do regularly.

When looking for a social media consultant, make sure they have some media background. They should understand the basics of the technology. More important, then understand how to use the technology in a well defined plan.

When interviewing for a consulting, ask lots of questions. Ask yourself if your prospects really seem interested in your business. This is an important factor to consider. Enthusiasm is contagious. Build a team of people who are excited about your products, service and success.


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