Shipping products is not the same for every business

Shipping convenience

Shipping for small business is different for every business owner. Some businesses need fast shipping, others need low-cost and many need convenience or special handling. Heck, often it’s all three. My experiences point to building good relationships with the people shipping your products.

Sometimes going direct to the shipping outlet is a good enough and other times an independent shipper is the way to go.  I’ve found some of the local independent shippers to be a little more helpful, plus they compare pricing across major carriers.  They can’t always give you the best price for the carrier you want to use. Fortunately, they can usually find a lower prices or better service option depending on where you are shipping.  It’s nice having someone looking out for you.

Below are some local shippers. These are the ones I find helpful in the areas I work. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

Goin’ Postal : Royal Oak Michigan shipping. Helpful and easy in and out off Woodward. They also have other services that I like such as Notary Public.  Goin’ Postal is convenient from Royal Oak and Berkley.

New York Shipping: When I’m in New York I often use the UPS shipping stores.  Here is a link to a list of locations. UPS shipping locations.

When I’m out west I like using this Los Angeles FedEx outlet.

When in Miami I’ll use this location of Goin Postal.

I know it’s not easy developing relationships with people in retail these days. That is why I like the independent locations. The owner is often working at that location or has selected trusted people to support their customers.  The owners tend to be a little more hands on than the corporate run stores, but again, it all depends on the location.

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