Forget it, I’m hiring a plumber

I do my own plumbing. I’ve replaced pipes, toilet fixtures and garbage disposals.  I really don’t mind doing the work. Well, until I’m faced with a major inconvenience.

I have a kitchen faucet that needs replacing.  I’ve replaced faucets before, unfortunately, this one is hard to get to from underneath. There is not a lot of room to work and I know if I should try to fix it. Chances are it will be a mess and I’ll end up breaking something.

My sink and faucetExperience and wisdom will tell me when to say no to certain household projects.

I also have another project in the bathroom that will require me taking out part of a wall. I think that will be another project for the local plumber.

There are a number of plumbers in the metro Detroit area. The national chains are not bad, but I tend to gravitate toward local companies.  I seem to lose the business the cards of the last plumber to visit my house. So, I usually lean on family and friends for recommendations.

If you do it yourself, take the time to evaluate the entire project.  Make sure you have all the right tools and parts for the job.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Google is always a great resource, but I also recommend you take time to visit your local hardware store specifically to ask questions.  I’m always amazed at what these people know. Their tips, tricks and experience saves me time and money.

When I don’t ask questions, I usually pay for that mistake. I also swear a lot more.

What is your limitation when it comes to plumbing?

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