A Few Thoughts About Moving, Again.

I’ve moved often over the last few years.

Most people move due to job changes, family and new opportunities. I’m no different. I’ve moved four times over the last three years, not including a couple times when I moved my business. It’s not easy work.

Many of us look for services through a moving directory.┬áThat is not a bad way to go, especially if you are basing your choice on location and reviews. Not all directories have reviews. However, if they do, make sure you read them and look for patterns. Every company deals with trolls and negative experiences. Some things can’t be avoided. Yet, if you notice the company taking action to help or fix the situation, that is a good sign. If you notice the same problem complained about over again, that is not a good sign.

Another good way to find a mover is to ask. Talk to neighbors, include neighbors in your new location. How did they move when they came to the area. Talk to co-works, they may have some good insight too.


Be sure to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute. Evaluate what you need to move. Set aside a storage location for stuff which does not have a place a the moment. For example, I often use a section of the garage as a holding zone for items and boxes that don’t have a pre-planned home.

It’s not a bad ideas to write down everything you have (big stuff) and estimate how many boxes it will take to move the little stuff. Give the boxes names or numbers and plan where each item will go.


My best piece of advice is to give or sell as much as you can before you move. Maybe that old coffee table from college. If you’ve not used the item in a year or two, get rid of it. If you have a sentimental attachment, take a photograph to keep the memory alive.

Below is helpful video with moving tips.

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