What Is Google Keep?

Google has released a new service connected to their cloud storage service. It’s called Keep and it is designed to take on the popular service Evernote. Will Google succeed?

It’s hard to tell, I looked for the app in the Google App store called Play and I could not find it.  That doesn’t mean it will fail, but mobile is an important part of the equation.  Based on reports and reviews the app should be available soon.  I checked out the Google Drive version of Keep and I’m not very impressed with the interface and user experience.

Google Keep
Google Keep screen capture





Evernote screen capture










As you can see the top is the new Google Keep and the screen capture below is Evernote. Evernote is still of obvious winner. Springpad with its new Pinterest like feel is also a much stronger option.  Google is a big player and over time will certainly make improvements.  Google also has the advantage of so many people using their other services. Google Keep will eventually become an integrated part of peoples work flow.  That is how it will survive.

For now, sites like Evernote and Springpad will need to keep nibble and one step ahead with innovation.

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