7 Things You Failed To Do Today

by fireflythegreat

I sincerely hope you didn’t forget to do these things today.  If you did all seven, you’re awesome.  Your life is rich, energized and your business is most likely profitable.  If you did not or never planned on doing these things today, you’re normal. Non-the-less the best time is now.

1.  Reconcile your check book.  Keep a close eye on what is going in and out of your checking account.

2.  Call on a mentor for advice about your biggest problem.  They want to help (maybe not daily).

3. Take a prospect or client to lunch.  This is a powerful business building tool.

4. Champion someone in the social media. Making other people look good is a great way to build  community and relationships.

5. Review (or make) a list of promises.  We all promise stuff and we all forget our promises.  Write down your promises in a single location so you can act on them. Evernote is a good tool for this.

6. Create your art. (Thank you Seth Godin).  Don’t just check off a to-do list, create something.

7. Send a thank you card to someone who supports you.

What would you add?


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