Just Write

Let me share a piece of simple wisdom with you: if you can think, you can write.

If you are mentally able to organize your thoughts in your brain in a way that makes sense to communicate them, you can then take the next step to organize them by writing them down.
This is the only promise I make.

In order to be a success, you have to get away from your junk. There is something that stands between you and completing your mission. Your sole task is to remove it. Actually, I would love to use that like about success in any pursuit.

I’m not going to make any statement about the quality or quantity of your ideas until I have read them. I just know that if you don’t capture anything, you have nothing to work on.
I know writers who ideas running through them constantly like a tap on full bore. I know people who sneak up on ideas, make a decision and then run with the ones they like best. I also know writers who guard their ideas as if they will only have twelve of them in a lifetime, and they are already on number five.

I just know that there is nothing like a deadline to make the most scared writer turn into a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Start. Don’t listen to the critics. Just write. You can always hire an editor.

Just write.

— dl

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