I Should Have Hired A Mover!


Hiring Movers - story

Hiring Movers?

I found out in December that I have the opportunity to move. It was a last minute situation which allowed me to move my two businesses to one location. However, I made on error, I didn’t hire a moving company. I figured I could do it myself.

One location is a studio and the other is standard office space. The studio was the big issue. We have a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and all the stuff that goes with it. The studio also has a lot of equipment such as lights and set materials. 40 years worth of set materials. Not all of it is ours, however the landlord wanted it out. Even the stuff from previous studio tenants.

One way we got rid of a bunch of stuff is place an ad on craigslist and use the word FREE! It worked well and we sent a lot of things we don’t want out the door.

The other office had more furniture. Chairs, tables, desks and cabinets where all to be moved. Still, I thought it would be best to load up my car and move it all myself. I’m not sure that was the best idea. It took forever. I think we used the entire month of January to get everything moved. I believe it would have been better if we hired a mover and did everything at once.

Lesson learned. Next time I’m hiring a moving company.

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