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YouTube Channel Growth

I struggle with which social media platforms to focus my attention. I often recommend you develop a plan to simplify your social marketing efforts. YouTube is an excellent choice for social video and  continues to grow in importance. To grow a YouTube channel it takes many of the same tactics as other social media. However, there are some differences and valuable advantages to consider.

One difference is the SEO factor (search engine optimization). Unlike other social media, much of the power of the YouTube platform is in its search engine. People use YouTube to find information and solve problems and how to videos. People use YouTube search so much, it’s the 2nd largest search engine on the planet, just behind it’s owner, Google. Other social media depends on regular interaction, such as Facebook. As you are aware, status updates fade quickly in most social media. Yet, YouTube offers the opportunity, like a blog, to share evergreen content and earn new subscribers many years after you hit the publish button.

So, how do you grow a YouTube channel? Well, let me get the basics out of the way. If you do research on YouTube growth, you’ll hear many of the same ideas and concepts from the YouTube guru’s. The bottom line is, more is better, be consistent and engage with your audience. The more is better is always met with the caution that more is not better when quality of your content suffers.


The Tech Side Of YouTube

If you keep in mind Google is the owner of YouTube, you should understand and apply some good SEO knowledge in to the mix. Still, it’s not all technical, you have many directions to go to promote and develop your channel.

  • Search: YouTube is a video search engine, you should adhere to standard YouTube search guidelines.
  • Networking: Network with other YouTubers of similar size to help each other grow. Don’t go down the road of trading subscribers for subscribers. But you can share each others work in social media, comment and work as a support network.
  • Collaboration: If your networking partners channel is similar, you can collaborate and create videos as guests or ask each other questions. In other words, introduce each other to your audiences.
  • Social Media: If you have a solid social community on other social media channels, make sure you share your videos. Encourage your community to subscribe and become active on your YouTube channel.

When it comes to SEO, consider the title tag the most important real estate on your YouTube page. Everything should be related to the title. Make your title interesting while still containing your keywords. Trust me, the creation of great headlines takes practice.

You should use the description section to expand the idea and concept of your video. It doesn’t seem to carry much SEO weight, yet it is helpful to encourage people to watch your video. You can also use the description area to list you social networks, channel information and affiliate links.

Tags are just like keywords. They carry more weight in YouTube than keywords on regular websites. Make sure you fill them out well. Although, there are hints they will be devalued over time. Most likely for the same reason website keywords were devalued. In your early YouTube days, when your channel has less authority, I recommend using longer tail keywords to help you rank. Ranking helps your videos get found in later search results, include Google results.

There are some valuable tools which make setting up your videos easier and more effective. Tube Buddy and VidIQ both have helpful features to help you make the best decisions. It’s important to make note that once you publish your video it’s not over. You can always go back and rework the information on old videos as you learn which keywords and techniques work best for your channel. However, if you have a video go viral, don’t touch anything.

However, if you want to earn people’s attention, you need to focus on your thumbnails. Creative and interesting thumbnails get viewers attention and helps to brand your channel content. Make sure your thumbnails relate to your title tag, although, it shouldn’t say the exact same thing. Consider the branding of your entire channel and make sure it’s consistent and on message.

YouTube takes time to learn and there is always more to learn. It’s a never ending process considering the fact YouTube is alway updating their algorithm. This article contains a few of the important concepts to get you started. Give them a try and keep testing.


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