The Importance of Group Support


You can’t do it on your own.

Meeting regularly with supportive and knowledgable people will help to guide you through the ups and downs of growing a business.  Knowledge is the key.  You know the details of your business better than anyone else, but combining knowledge of what works in other businesses and industries is extremely powerful.

Knowledge of what works in other companies helps to give you a new perspective.  Find two to four people whom you trust, and who will offer a new perspective on business ideas. Meet with them regularly and support them in the accomplishment their goals, and ask that they support you in the realization of yours.  It takes a team to grow successful companies.  If you look through history, you will see how the most successful people have had support systems. You need one, too.

If you are a freelancer, sole proprietor or entrepreneur, you know it can be lonely in the field.  Create a master mind group or follow the Green Sprout Forum system.  No matter which method you follow, your business will do better if you have helpful people supporting you.

It’s good to have a variety of people in the group.  People with different backgrounds and experience add depth to the conversation and solution options.  Not every meeting should be about solving your problems, but sometimes just being around people who have been there, or who are facing the same issues, will unlock good new ideas.


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