Who’s Your Gladys? – How to turn the most difficult customer into your biggest fan.

Today’s guest on the Monday vid-show is Lori Jo Vest. Lori Jo is a co-author of the best selling book “Who’s Your Gladys?,” along with Marilyn Suttle.

About their work, the authors explain “Every-customer-oriented business has their own Gladys … someone who demands more than most companies are able or willing to give, one who pushes front-line service representatives’ buttons, one who requires a higher degree of skill to manage.  One who’s, let’s just say ‘difficult.’  Yet how is it that some businesses prove able to not only satisfy their Gladys, but turn her into one of their most loyal, utterly pleased customers?” The tips, tools and techniques are in both in the book, the website and in their training system.

For more information about the book, the talented authors behind it and the ability to engage them for support, wisdom and assistance:  http://www.whosyourgladys.com/


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