Lincoln MKC Concepts Previews 2014 Crossover At Detroit Auto Show

I remember reading, approximately eight years ago, how the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company was not going to survive, due to its lack of interesting, relevant products.  Although it has not seen the re-vitalization that Cadillac has enjoyed, no one talks about the possible disappearance of the brand named for our 16th President.

What is striking about the attached article is how far back the division has come.   More specifically, this serves as a concrete reminder of the cyclical nature of just about everything in the world, business or otherwise.  For the last few years, Lincoln has received great reviews on several of its vehicles, whereas, seven to ten years ago, it was decried how Lincoln’s “cupboard” was “bare.”  Probably, it will be again, after which, it won’t be.  …And on and on.

So it may be with all of us, as well.  Ride the waves, and ride out the ebbs. 

P.S.  By the way, Autoweek, Motown’s auto fashion show formally is known as the North American International Auto Show.




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