What is a Social Media Campaign?

Really, what is a social media campaign? facebook_logo social media

Just like anything you do in the world of business or marketing, creating a plan for how you are going to do something is helpful.  It offers a clear vision of your strategy, goals and expectations.  Often, a multi-faceted plan is called a campaign, but just about any organized social media or marketing plan can be called a campaign.

Always ask yourself what you expect form a campaign?

Are you looking for more traffic?  A larger community?   More sign-ups?  How about the most important outcome:  a financial conversion?  It is important to develop a funnel (marketing path) as part of your plan.Pinterest

Social media is certainly an area of marketing where having a plan will keep you focused in a chaotic space.  Time, money and effort can easily be wasted in social media.

Here is a good post on four important points to consider before launching a campaign.


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