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I attended an event recently. We enjoyed seeing the work of local caricature artists from Goofy Faces. The host has them at their events every year. One thing that I didn’t know is that they offer their work all over the country and they have an excellent system to help you find an artist in your neighborhood – check it out. (here).

Caricature artists have been around for hundreds of years. I think they are successful at events because people like anything that reminds them of themselves. A fun caricature can do that, so can photo booths and the old standby selfie. A selfie is good, but art created by a professional is something you are willing to display in your home or office. I’m not sure I would display or frame my photo booth shot or selfie.

Caricature artist are also popular in the media. These artists can become rather famous. Sometimes they team up with writers and really have a field day with public figures. I like seeing good renderings of public figures. It’s amazing how the artists pick up on subtle features.

Maybe that is why we enjoy these artists so much at events. Watching the them pickup and exaggerate our friends and family features. It seems like sometimes we don’t agree with the results of our image, but the artist is spot on with everyone elses flaws.

If you have a party or an event, consider an artist. Many of these people are really working artists who depend on the income from these gigs to pursue their artistic passion.  I’m all for helping artists considering I’m an art school grad.

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