How many social media gurus are there?

According to social media today there are 181 thousand self-proclaimed social media gurus (or variations in terminology such as expert or ninja) on Twitter. Are all those gurus a bad thing?

I don’t claim to be a guru nor do I describe myself as one on Twitter or any other social media platform. The reality is the barrier of entry is very low to becoming an expert in social media.  Obviously, ones level of expertise and effectiveness depends on their background and experiences.  None-the-less there are millions of people who need some level of social media support.  In my opinion other people need to be the ones who call you a guru. Guru is not a good self designation.  With that said, if you are offering your services, it is important to let people know of your ability.

See what BL Ochman of social media today has to say about this – Here.

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