Do You Really Want a Smart Watch?

There is a good reason I don’t wear a watch anymore, I have a phone.  For the same reason a lot of people don’t use their point and shoot cameras,  a smart phone is convenient and just the right size.  It has a big enough screen to see and interact with the graphics, photos and information it provides.

Why a watch?

A watch will have a smaller screen and be harder to interact with.  I don’t want a big screen attached to my arm.

If a smart watch does some things better and simpler, maybe.  Telling the time is good.  If the watch is voice activated with Siri like functionality, well, we might be headed in the right direction.

  • Watch – open the garage door.
  • Watch – set a lunch appointment at 12PM with Joe.
  • Watch – what is my heart rate?
  • Watch – how many miles have I run?
  • Watch – how do I get home?
  • Watch – Get the Google car, I’ve had a little too much happy hour to drive home.

Lets hope this is the direction they are going.  Plus, it better look cool and fashionable — otherwise I’m keeping it in my pocket.

Well, according to Mac Rumors Apple has 100 product designers working on this, I hope they read my post.

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