5 Tools to Help Promote Your Business

Here is a list of five websites you can use to promote yourself.  We are always looking for new ways to get the word out about what we do and direct our message to the right audience.

Speaker file: Are you a speaker?  Here is a website designed to connect you to people looking for speakers.

Twitter ads:  If you want to promote and share important information consider using Twitter ads.  Facebook promoted posts is also a great option.

YouTube: Use YouTube to share your message and embed your videos on your website.  YouTube is a must for most every promotional campaign.

Eventbrite: Yes, Eventbrite is excellent for setting up registration. It is also a good promotional tool for your events.  I often find my events in the local newspaper after I schedule an event on Eventbrite.

Plancast: Let people know what you are doing with this helpful tool.

What would you add?

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