What is a bounce rate?

photo by jot.punkt

A bounce rate is a measure that helps you determine if the right people are finding your website and if your visitors are finding any value in what you are offering.

For example: If visitor A lands on your webpage and immediately returns to where they came from that is a 100% bounce rate.  If visitor B lands on your page and finds one button to push or link to select then the bounce rate is zero.  If you average both visitors A & B the bounce rate is 50%.

The goal is to earn a very low bounce rate.  The best bounce rate I’ve ever achieved is a 2% bounce rate for prosperous artists academy a few years ago.  I have a current client that has about a 6% bounce rate.  Rates that low are rare.  A good bounce rate for a website is 25-35%.  Blogs tend to a have higher bounce rate because people find what they need and leave.  A 75% bounce rate for a blog is not that uncommon.

Here is a helpful post: 20 things to consider to reduce your bounce rate.

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