The 28-Day Happiness Challenge

The hosts of Green Sprout Forum are inspired by the work of Shawn Anchor.  On yesterday’s live Green Sprout Forum, all three hosts agreed to do the work and take on a 28-day challenge for more happiness in their lives.

Why happiness?

People think that once they achieve their goals or earn enough money, they will finally be happy.  Perhaps for a moment, but once the endorphins leave your system you may become uninspired, unfulfilled or even depressed.  We need something to aim for, but achieving a goal isn’t the source of happiness.  If you really want a great life, you must be happy first and this is a fact that is well documented.  When you are happy, you are a better thinker, problem solver and prepared to take on the challenges ahead. In other words your chances for success are greater.

The Green Sprout Forum hosts are keeping each other accountable for 28 days in their quest to be happier in-turn becoming more successful in their business.   It doesn’t matter when you find this post, you may start the challenge anytime.

Shawn Anchors Ted Talk The happy secret to better work.

Download the PDF and feel free to share it with your friends.

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