Economic Growth Is Related to…Trailers?

Yep, you’ve read that right. Some people prefer to track financial market trends. Others keep a pulse on economic confidence surveys. For me, I look for trailers that pop up everywhere I go.

I had a recent reminder of this when I saw two portable classrooms behind my daughter’s school.  I remember when my own elementary school was bursting at the seams. There was only one answer in the short term.  Two portable classrooms which were backed up to the school and we had instant classrooms. Having our music class in ‘a portable’ seemed like a special event, and wasn’t quite the same the next year when the principal appropriated the faculty lounge.

I see an office trailers and tool cribs on a construction site as a harbinger of good things to come. I always look at freshly re-developed lot with the field office put into place next to the power pole  as the first sign they are about to break ground.

I also notice that many trailers will spring up a week or two before Thanksgiving. With them, comes a festive forest of sweet smelling pines and majestic firs that await new homes as Christmas trees.  I’m also sure many a Christmas tree salesman has been grateful for his trailer to use a warm and dry place on a chilly December night.

I learned all about home improvement projects when the various manufacturers recently sent out a road show trailer. This gave my wife and me a tour of possibilities for my kitchen and baths. I still have dreams of installing the goose neck kitchen faucet with the custom spray head and the multi-jet spa shower tub that we saw as part of their demo.

Trailers have also sparked great memories for me. One of the most special trailers I ever toured came from our state sports hall of fame road show. I saw balls and bats, pucks and sticks from the pros I rooted for as well as Olympic and amateur champions too.  It was if all the childhood memories of my favorite athletes came back at the same time.

Trailers are signs of coming attractions combined with the magic of possibilities. So you can read the business pages and search for data that indicates what may transpire.  When I see trailers in place, I know that’s a sign that something good is about to happen.

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