Don’t be Fooled!

Don’t let Mother Nature fool you, especially if you live in the midwest. The cold of winter hasn’t left yet, and it won’t be leaving for some time. After a 50 degree day, Michigan saw hours of heavy snow, slush and ice re-cover the streets that had just previously dried up. But if this second winter is putting you down, never fear. Here are a couple of ideas to beat those continued winter blues and embrace your spring fever.

-Visit a local restaurant or steakhouse. First, getting out of the house will bring some life back into you, plus going out to eat is always a special treat. Many local restaurants are highlighting more Spring-inspired foods, like seafood and salads. Breaking the routine from same-old, same-old to fancy dinner will brighten your week.

-Take a walk outside for your lunch break. Now that temperatures aren’t below zero and hovering more towards above-freezing, try going for a walk outside. Make sure to bundle up, but the fresh air and (hopeful) sunshine will do you some good. Plus, studies show that sitting at your desk too long actually makes you get less work done. Taking a quick outdoor break will re-energize the mind.

-Do some spring cleaning. Clearing out the clutter will help you feel lighter and your living space fresher. Plus, cleaning up your space gets you moving and more active, which is what Spring is all about.

-Throw a fun lunch or brunch party at work. This will give something for everyone to look forward to. Either have everyone bring a dish to pass or get a restaurant to cater. Many local restaurants offer a great catering menu that will satisfy many appetites.

However you go about combating these continued winter blues, we hope that Spring comes soon. In the meantime, share how you are getting your Spring Fever on!

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