Conquering Your Market

That’s the goal of every business owner, isn’t it? Conquering their market and making their competition irrelevant? Squashing all other competitors and dominating your type of business. It’s the dream.

But, how does one actually do that? You can talk the talk until you’re blue in the face, but do you have what it takes to compete in (and conquer) your market?

First, it obviously depends on what market you’re in. Maybe it’s advertising, maybe it’s retail. Whatever it is, you need to define your business sector. After that, look at your immediate competition. Maybe the competition is online, maybe they are down the street. Then compare your strengths to theirs. In what areas are you lacking, and where can you do better?

If you have a small case of company hubris (no shame), then look at your competitors’ weaknesses. For example, a huge hinderance to retail is movement. If you own a storefront, it’s hard to move your inventory to a new location quickly (other than online). If that’s the case, then start to think about mobile retail or trailers to haul your inventory to local festivals, concerts, shows, etc.

Another way to conquer your market is through advertising. There are some great, simple tools for you to use in starting a marketing plan. These include implementing a Google Adwords campaign, optimizing your website, starting a blog, outline new promotional details…the list goes on.

Whatever you need to do, stay on top of the competition. It could be the difference between your business succeeding or floundering.

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