What’s In a Name(plate)?

Name plates are more than etched or engraved pieces of steel, brass or aluminum. Durable, long lasting materials and your customized ideas make them an artistic representation of your business or personal needs.

It’s time to make a distinction. Name plates, number plates and a variety of other metal goods can be either etched or engraved. So, what’s the difference? If you’d like to get something engraved, whatever it might be, a carving process is involved. This removes the brass or steel or other material from the project. Etching is a bit different, using acid to create words or designs into something’s surface. This is a popular option, especially as it doesn’t remove product the way engraving would.

Whether you choose engraving or etching as your preferred process, the next step in name plate creation is the design. Choosing the metal that suits your needs is important. Aluminum, stainless steel and brass are widely used and effective due to their durability. Aluminum is an affordable and lightweight option, stainless steel has a striking effect and brass creates a sophisticated final product.

Once you’ve found your metal of choice, it’s all about branding and putting the personal touch—the name—in your name plate. Create a design and consult with your etching/engraving team to find the perfect branding solution. The skilled etchers or engravers will respond to quotes and create a plate to your size and design specifications and can answer design questions to develop your ideal product.

While these processes and tips are helpful for name plates, they hold true for other metal based items as well. Logo plates, metal business cards [LINK TO POST] or even data plates go through a similar creation process.

And remember: whenever you’re looking to represent yourself or your business, put your business and ideas in good hands with an etching or engraving team that provides certified, quality work. It’s your name(plates) on the line, after all.

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