Why Is It So Hard To D-I-Y Marketing? Chris Wechner Offers Us An Idea.

A challenge any business professional faces is who should do your marketing?  Often times, the owner or leader is so close to the subject matter and has so many to-do’s on his or her list, that promoting the product or service and closing sales can get lost of running the operations.

Friend of Green Sprout Forum Chris Wechner offers his perspectives on this. He feels that it’s because easier to do the work in our business that pays us.  When we have a client that is paying us to do that work, it’s easier to motivate ourselves to get that work done. Chris is Director of Marketing for The Ultimate Analyst.

Learn more from his analysis: http://michiganmarketer.com/2012/12/1-reason-why-its-hard-to-market-for-yourself/

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