Swinging On Twitter’s Vine

So you thought 140 characters was short, how about six seconds of video?  Twitter is betting you will grab on and swing out.

Recently, Twitter unveiled Vine—a video-sharing social app that embeds directly into Tweets. The twist to Vine is that it only allows six seconds of video.  Bradley McDonald of MLive.com makes the point for embedding video: “Six seconds can make you fine-tune your creativity and get to the point—much like Twitter’s 140 characters does. Lots of people on the internet get into an ADD mindset and lose interest fast when surfing online. Five, or even one minute videos aren’t always so appealing. You can’t always get 60 seconds out of potential customers, but you should be able to get six.”

Read his article on Vine:  http://www.mlive.com/business-resource-center/2013/02/stay_ahead_of_the_social_media.html

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