What Are Private Schools Known For?

What Are Private Schools Known For?

Wondering if a private school is the right choice for your student? Learn a bit more about what sets private schools apart below!

For many families, the choice between private and public school education can be difficult. Aspects such as educational programs, costs, and extracurricular activities can make one or the other more lucrative and tempting to choose. 

However, trying to navigate the world of modern education can be difficult. Parents are often left with more questions than answers while trying to help provide the best education for their children.

Are you wondering if private school may be the right choice for your student? Read below to learn the top key characteristics that private schools are known for.

5 Key Characteristics Of Private Schools

While each private school will have its own unique set of programs, amenities, and style, several hallmark elements set them apart from other school options. Here are the top five aspects that most private schools are known for:

1. A Quality Education

While every school seeks to maintain the highest standards of education and programming, private schools have been known since their inception as institutions that invest in their academics holistically.

Year after year, private schools impress families, colleges, and companies with the quality of education that graduates bring with them when they complete their studies. The higher the quality of education students receive, the higher their chances for success in other fields and endeavors.

To this day, one of the most critical factors in college admissions is the quality and reputation of a school’s education. With a private school education, your child will enjoy the benefits that come with education held to the highest standards.

2. College Prep Programs

Not only do private schools offer quality education, but they are also key in preparing students for the rigors of college and technical school. 

Many private schools invest financially in hiring teachers that can teach at both the primary, secondary, and collegiate level. With the addition of dual-credit and Pre-AP coursework, students can study and earn college credit early while still enrolled – increasing their chances for acceptance into competitive programs.

3. Small Classes Sizes

Another key aspect of privates schools is their small class sizes. With a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, private school education offers students the chance to engage with their instructor and peers on a more relational level. 

Many private schools also try to accommodate each student’s unique learning needs by offering ability grouping – which allows for students to learn at a pace more suited for their learning style and abilities. This can ensure that they excel in their core competencies while avoiding the danger of boredom or being left behind in subjects. 

4. Team Sports & Extracurricular Activities

Private schools are also known for their availability of team sports and activities. 

Many schools require students to be engaged in one or the other, ensuring that they build teamwork skills while learning how to engage in a community. Some private schools also offer unique sports that other public schools cannot provide due to budget constraints or other limitations.

5. Financial Aid For Families

One reason that many families do not consider private school options is the price of attendance. Many fear that the price of private education is beyond their capabilities. Fortunately, private schools enjoy private donor and grant-based financial aid that can help families afford to offset the cost and provide scholarship or tuition assistance.

By viewing private education as an investment in students’ lives, schools will often work with families to obtain financial aid that allows for students to receive a quality educational experience that establishes their future. 

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