Seven things you can do to help your business now

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Growing a business is not easy.  The basics are important, cutting edge ideas are helpful, but what can you do right now to help to grow your business over the next 30 days?

1. Speak: Look for opportunities to speak to groups.  Don’t pitch your services, but demonstrate your ability with helpful informaiton. The rest will take care of itself. Try to get three engagements this month.

2. Ask: Ask for the sale.  If someone shows interest, don’t ask for another meeting, ask for the sale. Don’t let them think about it for another week, start the paperwork process.  This will increase your close ratio tremendously.

3. Thanks:  Send sincere thank you cards, this will increase new opportunities dramatically over time.

4. Network: You will not find new opportunities shuffling papers sitting at your office. Get into circulation and shake some hands. The more people who see you, the more people will think of you when it’s time to refer a product or service.

5. Champion: It’s not about you, it’s about them.  Champion other people and refer others on a regular basis.  I know some very successful business owners who much of their time connecting other people.  It always seems to come back positively.

6. Volunteer: Take time to volunteer your services or time to a charitable organization. Like networking and championing others, volunteering is a good way to keep in circulation.

7. Social: Host an event for your current clients and prospects.

If you employ all seven of these ideas over a period of thirty days you should see an increase in business.  If you do all seven every month for year you will see a huge increase in new business.

What ideas would you add?





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