New fonts can dress up your next document

Fonts are to the written word are like eyebrows to the spoken word.

They add power, emotion and style without ever saying a word. They influence a reader in ways that the mere words alone can not. And, they are often the most under appreciated tool by emerging creatives in expressing the range of their voice.

Too many people often cop out, using Times New Roman or Arial as their base fonts. They just don’t see the power and emotion which a strong font conveys. One of the strengths of Steve Jobs as a visionary is that he saw this and insisted that Apple Computers have strong fonts and scalable type.

You don’t need to fully understand kerning and letting to appreciate the value of a few new fonts. Here’s a resource of new fonts to view, down load and plug in to many of your applications:

Different fonts are best used like spice, a little dash can enhance your recipe but too much make you and your audience quite ill.

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