9 Online Tools for Business Owners

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Here are 9 tools that will help grow your business.  It’s important to have a suite of tools, at your finger tips, that help you do your job better and make better decisions. Understanding your competition, improving your process and workflow help you make you a better business person.  If you use these tools well they will help you make more money.

1) Evernote: If you have followed me for a while you know I’m a fan of Evernote.  It helps me remember my ideas and inspirations.  There is nothing worse than knowing you forgot the details of your million dollar idea.  Springpad is another fine option.

2) Twitter: This social media platform will offer you the latest information on just about anything. If you’re in business you understand information and knowledge is extremely valuable.

3) Webmaster tools:  How healthy is your website? Does your site have malware? Who is linking to your website?  This is important information if you want to drive traffic and new opportunities online.  Make sure you connect webmaster tools to your Google Analytics account, too.

4) SEM Rush: This is an excellent tool for discovering keywords and what your competition is doing.  It’s perfect for marketing professionals.

5) Klout: Are you active enough on social media? Are you influential? See how you measure up to your competition.

6) Social Mention: Do people look at your brand positively or negatively.  Find out with this helpful tool.

7) LinkedIn:  Find the people you want to know. The LinkedIn search tool is one of the most powerful tools on the web.

8) Calm: When you are stressed — Calm is the best place to be online.

9) Easel.ly: Drive more traffic to your website with helpful infographics.  We use this tool all the time for GreenSproutForum.com.

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