3 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Driving quality traffic to your blog leads to opportunity.  So, creating the right type of content to drive such traffic is important.  Below are three types of traffic that always produce good results.

photo by epsos

1) Lists: We never seem to tire of them.  I think it’s because we know what to expect. A short list is a quick read and a long list is more comprehensive.  Both generally offer good ideas related to topics you like.

2) Infographics: We’ve shared a few infographics over the last month and they all produced a good spike in traffic. We are visual beings and some of us comprehend complex ideas better visually.

3) Long Posts: Long blog posts are not the specialty of the Green Sprout Forum.  I do write longer posts over at my blog roshsillars.com.  Recent tests by other bloggers seem to support the idea that longer post are shared more in the social media.  They are also highly regarded by Google and offer a nice long tail for regular traffic.  I have certainly found this to be the case for my blogs.

Bonus: Here is a good post from social media today: Developing viral content for your blog.

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