19 Things a Business Owner Should Not Do

If you wish to grow your business you need to do more of what works and let go of what does not work. Below is a list of things you should not do (or believe) if you desire1162222_38679791 to grow a successful business.

1. Ignore your customers, if they want your product they will come back.

2. Don’t treat everyone as a VIP (Very Important Person). Make sure everyone knows you’re the most important person in the room.

3. Don’t update your website, just having one is good enough.

4. Reconcile your checking account once a year, if you have time.

5. Shut all your social media accounts down. Social media is stupid and a waste of time.

6. Treat your employees like crap. Who are they going to tell anyway (see #5).

7. Don’t waste time improving your products and services.  Technology never changes.

8. Upgrade your computers once every ten years. Again. technology never really changes. Do note that keyboards and monitors do break and get dirty.

9. Don’t upgrade your logo because styles never change.

10. Don’t create helpful videos, no will watch them.

11. Don’t ask for emails and trash the ones you have.  Email is dead.

12. Don’t create a business or marketing plan. You already know what you need to do.

13. Never answer your phone. People prefer pressing 3 for customer service and leaving a message.

14. Don’t place a FAQ (frequently asked questions) on your website.  Most business owners enjoy answering the same questions over and over and over.

15. Don’t upgrade your software.  The new stuff doesn’t work much better than the old versions.  It’s most likely full of bugs anyway.

16. Ignore SEO (search engine optimization), it’s all vudoo.

17. Don’t waste your time returning phone calls. If it’s important they will eventually catch you.

18. Don’t join professional associations. They are full of people trying to steal your clients.

19. Don’t send thank you cards. Stamps are expensive.

What would you add?

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