International Reclaim Your Blog Day

You have a head full of ideas, and decided you wanted to write a business blog.

You just knew you’d be more popular than Huffington, Brogan and Branson. You have well thought-out ideas that could shed wisdom and knowledge to the world. You wrote a handful of posts. And then… you stopped.

Well, you stopped too soon — go back to it!

By the power and authority granted to me by me; I, W. Dean La Douceur, MBA, do hereby proclaim the calendar day on which you read this to officially be “International Reclaim Your Blog Day.” You have my permission to officially start again.

You’re welcome. You may now either bow or curtsy, if you like.

Too many people with keen minds and powerful ideas have abandoned their blogs. I was looking at the blog of a successful business consultant I respect. He stopped in October. Another speaker/consultant I like hasn’t touched his for almost year. A woman I know, a world-class expert in her field, wrote a first entry, and then stopped. One case-study is about an author, collaborator and speaker. He wrote in his from time to time; but forgot to maintain it.

So here I am, just as guilty as many of you.

My solution is to make a binding one hour appointment each week with myself. My commitment is to write only blog content during that time and finish any ideas I previously started. I suggest you also make an appointment with yourself on your calendar to compose yours. If you need suggestions, go check out Five Business Blog Thought Starters

When you reclaim your blog, send me an email,, with a link and  re-commitment. I can then monitor your blog for inclusion here at Green Sprout Forum.

Go Reclaim Your Blog!

— wdl

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