Five Business Blog Thought Starters

1162222_38679791 Working with other bloggers, an obstacle some face is a stream of inconsistent ideas to write upon.

Many seek passionate topics which drive them to write and won’t let them rest until done. Writing consistently from such zeal is actually unrealistic and leads to inconsistent blogging.

I use thought starters; my personal list of ideas, subject and prompts for writing and blogging. I jot down ideas when they pop into my head and return later when I want a good topic.

Here are five of my personal thought starters to use when you’re stuck with your next blog:

1. Fearless Predictions – What do you think will happen with a news story, trend or idea, based upon your wisdom and understanding? This blog will showcase your ability to analyze, along with your expertise and insights.
2. Good People – You know someone right now in your circle of influence worthy of several kind words. Why not write a brief, professional tribute to them and share this with the world.
3. History Repeating – Whatever news is in the headlines today, chances are that it or something similar has happened before. Look back at those incidents and ask “What did we learn then and would those solutions work now?”
4. Mentors – Tell us why a certain instructor, manager, peer or mentor made a difference in your career and the lessons you learned from them.
5. The Calendar – The beginning or end of a quarter, a year, a season or an event means different things for different businesses. Look ahead 30 to 60 days and tell us what we should know.

Don’t ever overthink your blog – Jump in and write. Put your inner critic on hold while you keep writing. Once your brain is totally emptied of ideas, only then let yourself edit. Keep your blog between 350 and 425 words the most interesting material. Reject any vague ideas, weak spots or redundancy.

Trust me, this works. Need proof – Look at this blog for an example. My thought starter was “Write five thought starters for better business blogging.”

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