How Do YOU Think About YOUR Business?

How much time do you spend actually thinking about your business? How do you do it? What do you think about?

Do you visualize, plan, ponder or consider the future? Do you allocate time to actually have this as your primary thought, or do you multitask it while driving, exercising or doing chores? Do you have a prescribed method that you follow? Do you practice a form of meditation around this, or do you just concentrate deeply?

When you think, do you let your imagination run wild, or do you see solutions for the issues which you are confronting? Do you imagine the best, or plan for the worst? Do you allow yourself to think raw, uncertain thoughts and new combinations of ideas? Do you find yourself repeating ideas, principles and concepts that allow you some assurance for the future?

Do you leave your primary work space in order to think? Do others assume that you are doing nothing, so that they have access to you? Do you schedule an appointment with yourself? Do you talk through your thoughts with others? Do others act as if that there is only one technique to use to think about  business – their method?

Is thinking about what your business or role a luxury? Is there so much to do and so little time to do things that you get captured by the tasks, and not allocate the time? Is it a necessity in order to get anything done? How do you harness your thoughts? Do you open up the computer, jot on a pad or just remember the headlines for later? Do you just have these moments of clarity and then let them drift off in to the either?

Do you think about things too much? Are you paralyzed by the need to be sure and confident about your future? Do you need to build up your mental self-confidence before you can act? Do you have to have every detail though through and perfect? Do you spend too much time thinking, and then rush through the implementation phase?

What is your experience when you are all done? Are you bright and optimistic? Do you feel centered and ready? Are you psyched to tackle the tough stuff? Are you pleased with the time you’ve spent?

How do you think and what do you think about when you think about your business? If you wish, share some thoughts with me about this —

— wdl

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