The Most Popular System For Storing Business Cards

rubberbandThe most popular method for storing business cards is wrapped in a rubber band.

Whether in a drawer of a desk or bottom or box, this is how most people warehouse these valuable data. This is a pity too.  If you were to purchase this as a download from SalesForceUSA, D&B or DataFerrret, you would respect the value of these data significantly more .

It is rare that the cards themselves have intrinsic value. The data (name, phone, e-mail) on the cards, however, are, and having ready access to the information could be worth countless dollars, from countless deals.

Whether its a CRM or e-mail program, you do yourself a great disservice if you don’t have the data available, and on in a usable system.

Make a professional commitment today to keep the data which you collect as business cards in a usable format.

— wdl

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