Should I Quit?

This is a question many professionals ask themselves when they are going through a tough time.   The answer is always, “It depends.”  So, before you quit, ask yourself the questions below, and digest the answers.

  • Am I in the right business for my core talents?
  • Is there something else I can do with the same level of skill?
  • What do people regularly ask me to do for them?
  • How have I gotten out of tough times in the past?
  • Will I make more money somewhere else?
  • Are my skills marketable in another industry?
  • Do I have offers from other companies on the table?
  • Do I enjoy my position?
  • Is my industry or business in a growth or decline mode?

There is no correct combination of answers.  Just be truthful and mindful of your answers.  After asking yourself these questions, it may be very clear that quitting is the right thing to do.  For others the answer is to work through the tough times.

What questions would you add?

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