New Retail Website Lets You Know If They Have It


Do They have it.Do They Sell It?

A common question asked by people searching for information is, does a specific store sell a specific item. People do type these questions in the search box regularly. However, is designed for quick answers to these common questions often asked via voice through Google Home, Google assistant, Siri and Alexa.

“We are in the testing phase” stated one senior manager. Like many startups they are rather secretive about their end game and plans to develop this website and service taking advantage of the latest technology.

It’s not that we want to be too secretive. It’s important to get the word out and test some of our theories. But, some of our technology, processes and concepts have not been fully rolled out. So, we want to remain cautious, until we have more data.

However, right now we offer information for obscure things such as does Target carry scrubs? , or popular searches such as can you buy the new Apple Watch at Walmart. Hey, here’s a question a lot of people ask, can you buy alcohol at Target?

One of our goals it to cut through the noise, for specific items and their are a few ways we can do this, however, we have to start with the basics first.

This is one of those projects which may provide many opportunities or dare I say die on the vine. We are leaning more on the opportunity side of things, however, as you know, technology changes so quickly.

The website is live now. You can take it for a spin as we continue to develop and build out the information it provides, it’s unique features and new technology.

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