How SEO-meisters Have Hijacked Google OR Look On Page Two


Carrollton, Georgia and Rochester Hills, Michigan are 757 miles and almost twelve hours drive via I-75 apart. According to a recent Google search, that was the number one best place for me to find the item for which I was searching. Google, I disagree.

I advocate that you look at page two of your Google searches. Your brain is much more complex and a better judge of your information than any artificial intelligence which Google can advocate. To all the mighty self-proclaimed SEO Gods out there, I challenge you to insure all your key words and optimization are personally relevant to us doing the searches. I have no issues with the people who live in this part of Georgia. It appears to be a fine community. But this shows how these SEO-meisters have hijacked the system. I was looking for this item in either Oakland or Macomb Counties. I know that in my area of 2,043,000 people, there is the item of which I am looking. Yet, your promise of making someone “#1 on Google” has tainted the method.

I encourage you to look further than just the first two or three listings for your particular search inquiry. If your search results are only the top ten results, please do yourself a favor and go look at the ‘no man’s land’ commonly known as page two. Take the search findings as only data submitted for your approval, and make the decisions where to go, do, be and have for yourself.

— wdl

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