Don’t Let Your Client Finish The Job

Sometimes clients look for a deal by suggesting they will finish the job for you.

Don’t do business that way.

It may seem reasonable, at the time.  You start the project, develop a foundation or get things rolling and the client will finish the job with her team.

Unfortunately, if things go wrong, they will blame you.  If they don’t blame you, they will want you to fix it, for free of course.  It is also common for clients to not be able to complete the job at the level you work (which level of work why they hired you, in the first place).

There are more problems with the “Let The Client Finish The Project”  scenario.  They may be embarrassed with the work they did, and, as a result, not want to face you again.  In these circumstance, you can lose a client for being flexible or nice.

My favorite example of the danger in letting the client have the final say in just exactly how great your work is allowed to be is when they like the end result, even if it is awful and below industry standards. Unfortunately, they will tell everyone that they worked with you. Basically, they joyfully attribute the mess to your company.

Unless you know and trust the talent you are handing your project off to, don’t let your client finish it.

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