A Hemidemisemiquaver Rest

A rest is an interval of silence in a piece of music, marked by a symbol indicating the length of the pause. Each rest symbol corresponds with a particular note value, including whole, breve, semibreve and so on, up to a hemidemisemiquaver rest. This is a big long word to indicate a sixty-fourth rest.

A rest in social media and communications isn’t marked by a symbol to indicate the length of the pause. We don’t post, or don’t have time to post. We forget to say something, or are often so present in the moment that we want to hold it all to ourselves. I took most of March 19th off from social media.  Some days, even someone as prolific as I can be (!) doesn’t have very much to say.

I doubt anyone went into withdrawal from a lack of my GSF headlines, insights or ideas.  On occasion, we need to put a rest into our normal social media symphonies. You’ll notice that on March 20th, I’m back at it, telling you what I did and didn’t do.  In terms of its length, this is probably just a hemidemisemiquaver rest.

Embrace a rest in the soundtrack of your life, even if it is only a sixty fourth note rest.

— wdl

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