Veggies & Steak

There are a lot of crazy food trends and diets out there. Juice diets, kale-loving diets, vegans and vegetarians…the list goes on. However, not everyone has signed up for a specific diet. So what happens when you have to go to a get-together at the local steakhouse with friends and family who’s diets haven’t been restricted, but you’re a functioning vegetarian? Here’s a couple tips on how to not get on everyone’s nerves, order food and successfully navigate a dinner at a restaurant when you’re on a diet.

Ask what restaurant you’re going to before hand. If you’re going to a steakhouse (and you’re a vegetarian, for example) check out the menu beforehand. You might not be able to get an entree of filet mignon like everyone else, but most likely there are side salads and soups available. Getting acquainted withe the menu before hand will help you avoid the awkward conversation with the waiter, “what’s not meat on here?”

On that same note, the group you’re with might feel awkward as well, knowing that you can’t eat what they’re going to eat. It can be uncomfortable all parties involved. They’re going to be worried that you’ll be upset, and so on. Express that you’re happy to go out with everyone, and that choices are available for you at the restaurant.

Call the restaurant ahead of time to see if the chef can do substitutions. If you’re nice about it, you might be able to hand-craft your perfect veggie meal. But, if nothing seems to be going right leading up to the dinner, eat before you go. That way you don’t have to skimp on a meal, and can sip on a nice drink without your stomach grumbling.

It can be hard if you’re the only vegetarian at a steakhouse. But, there are a lot of options out there so you don’t have to shy away from gatherings.

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