How much traffic does a blog need to be successful?

How much traffic do you need to become a blogging Rock Star?

I know the infographic below is ripe for criticism — someone as to stick their neck out.

How many people are looking for information to compare their blog visitor numbers to? a lot. What do they find? Not much.  Most search results give you advice on how to increase your traffic, few tell you what to consider as good traffic.  Bloggers and social media experts recommend to not chase the numbers and remember it’s about quality.  That is wise advice.

Ultimately, you still desire a higher quantity of quality traffic. This takes a plan, action and good management rather than tricks.

You can get 1000+ visitors from StumbleUpon with the right share. Unfortunately, those visitors may only stay for 5 seconds and bounce back from where they came from. So, it is important to gauge the quality of traffic by reviewing the statistics.  Check out how long visitors stay on your site, how many pages do they visit? and take a look at the bounce rate.

A good minimum time on site to consider is over one minute, the higher the better. How long visitors stay on your site depends on the type of content you present. For example, the Green Sprout Forum average time on site is close to 5 five minutes because we offer weekly 40 minute live shows.  Blogs tend to have higher bounces rates than traditional websites, so, aim as close to 50% as possible.  When it comes to blog page views, aim for an average two pages per visitor.

Fine, but you still want a traffic benchmark!

Below is a fun infographic that you may share. It offers you some benchmarks based on my experience and research (feel free to add your own experience and research in the comments). The reason most people are generally unwilling to share such information is because the averages and benchmarks are different for each industry, type of blog and niche.  So, the numbers below are wide-ranging and general, but they are a helpful guide.

Ads: if you wish to place ads on your blog wait until you are at the established level – building a following. 7500 unique visitors a month can start to generate a little income.

The elite blogs reach well over a million visitors a month. None-the-less, if your independent  blog reaches 10,000 quality visitors a day or an average of 300,000 unique visitors a month you have an excellent asset and are worthy of the Rock Star status.

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